Winter pictures

I love the structure of the garden in frosty weather. The colours are muted but the shapes are strong. This photo was taken in April when the weather was cold and wet all month.

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Bee Heaven


Phlox and Lynchnis

Crocosmia “lucifer”


and Lavender

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This week we are eating…


Lettuce (two sorts)

Beetroot leaves ( as salad)



Mange Tout

and the odd raspberry!

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Glorious Roses and Lavender

Just back from a couple of weeks away and I can’t believe how beautiful the garden is looking. The roses and lavender scent the air and there is colour everywhere I look.

This is the bench where we sit and enjoy the front garden. (the pink flowers are Gaura)

This is the front garden with the lavender out….

And here is the back garden

The magenta Lychnis was grown from seed by Sarah Warren – thanks Sarah they look magnificent!

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Beautiful beautiful flowers!

These cowslips are growing by the ditch

These little triandrus daffodils are called “lemon drops” – triandrus means more than one flower per stem apparently  and we love them – another find from the minature bulb company

Ive never got excited about tulips before but these Mt Tacoma tulips have a lovely shape and long lasting double flowers despite the unseasonally hot weather.

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Eating outdoors!

The amazing warm sunny weather we are having has enabled us to enjoy eating al fresco several times recently…

Morning coffee with the newspaper

Tea for two…

Supper with Jen

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What a difference a year makes






From the corner of the house looking across to the old greenhouse…





Doesn’t it look bigger?






From the far side of the stream…

How beautiful is the new greenhouse


Across the garden from the old greenhouse…






We love the changes!

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Aren’t they cute…

These little daffodils are barely six inches tall, smell wonderful ( although getting one’s nose down that low is an interesting exercise!) and they are so cute.

I bought the bulbs last summer off the internet from a company who specialise in selling minature bulbs. ( See my blog post on 8 September) They are called Pacific Coast and have an AGM (award of Gold Merit) which is definitely deserved.

They are just beside the bridge but next year I’m definitely buying more to put in the front garden too.

Oh, and the other bulbs I bought at the same time are just coming out…

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The statue arrives…

What do you put in the centre of a formal knot garden with an intricate pattern of hedges ( which will hopefully look more impressive as it grows!)

It seemed to need a centre piece – but what? We thought about bird baths, urns, sundials and standard plants but in the end we chose a lovely very traditional statue.

So far she’s arrived and is standing gracefully beside the greenhouse. We would put her in place but it will be quite an effort – she’s no lightweight. I know it’s rude to mention a lady’s weight but she’s actually heavier than Alan!

Want a peek…. here she is

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Glorious daffodils

I love Spring flowers, especially daffodils. Somehow it lifts your mood especially in sunshine. Alan and I have been enjoying the garden now the weather has turned warmer popping out there at every opportunity to see what’s growing

I took this one about 8am in morning on March 23rd on my new smartphone

Judging by the sun Alan toook this later in the afternoon a few days later on 26th. The hyacinths came out in those few days

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